This photograph of the PA2 in the Lemaire Passage was taken by the ship's photographer on another vessel in the area. I was thrilled to zoom in and see myself standing on the front deck at the bow.

Flying to South America on LAN. We were thrilled with the roomy and comfortable flat beds in Business Class and more thrilled by the excellent price I was able to obtain for this journey.

During our pre-cruise stay in Buenos Aires we toured the Artist colony at La Boca.

After our comfortable charter flight from Buenos Aires we Boarded Prince Albert in Ushuaia.

And enjoyed the sailaway party on deck as we left Ushuaia.

We were blessed with extremely calm seas in Drake Passage and enjoyed a barbecue on deck in the sunshine.

A touch of life on a Silversea vessel with Cocktails on Welcome night.

Then we headed off in our Silversea parkas and boots and had our first landing at Barientos Island.

Most of our group ashore enjoyed seeing the penguins up close.

And witnessed Penguins feeding their chicks.

The snow came down next day when we landed at Browns Bluff.

But we had a great opportunity of watching the Penguins marching single file.

As we cruised along there was a continual display of dramatic icebergs loaded with penguins diving into the water ...

And swimming beside us

We visited the British Base at Port Lockroy and sent some postcards.

And as you can see from the bags, we had a chance to do some shopping.

Zodiac cruising in the Pleneu Islands was absolutely spectacular


Our own special zodiac complete with champagne and chocolates.

We saw many Leopard seals and got a close up look of their very sharp teeth.

The ice formations in brilliant sunshine were amazing.

Next stop Paradise bay and more seals on icebergs.
After cruising Paradise Bay we landed and some walked to the top of the hill and enjoyed a thrilling slide down.


Another passage of the Lemaire Channel af 9 p.m. and the most incredible reflections and sunset

I took photos of our group from the top deck of the bow which was when we were photographed by another vessel in the passage.

As usual the Champagne and cocktails flowed.

The sun lit up the snow.

And turned the mountains pink

And the Silversea logo at the stern as the sky turned to a deep red.

The sky became even more vivid as we left the Lemaire.


Back on board we celebrated Australia Day

In true Aussie fashion ...

And our friendly crew said goodbye

Back in Ushuaia we farewelled PA2

And some of us headed to Iguassu Falls where we stayed overnight at the Sheraton on the Argentinean side.

Our last day was on the Brazilian side.

What a spectacular sight on our last day.

We intend to include Iguassu Falls as an optional extension on our 2011 tour and I hope you will join me

This could be you in 2011 but early bookings are essential to take advantage of these heavily discounted fares as prices will increase as the ship fills.

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